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Your chance to own a piece of Butler High history

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - With the closing of Butler High, Huntsville City School administrators were tasked with deciding what to do with decades of school memorabilia.

In going through the gym and field houses, school system employees found everything from baseball uniforms to signed basketballs, cheerleading megaphones to 1950s team photos, even the old City Football Championship trophy.

Recognizing the items' sentimental value, district officials were loath to throw anything away.

Property Asset Management Coordinator Lontrell Harris says, "we want to treat these treasures as they are. We want to give the public an opportunity to be a part of it."

To that end, school leaders decided to auction the memorabilia online.

On Wednesday, June 10 and Thursday, June 11, there will be an open house in the Butler High School gym from 9am-3pm.

Everyone is invited to come and see what's available for purchase.

The auction will run June 12-21 at

The only items not for sale are the individual recognitions and awards.

Harris says, "We won't be selling those. We'll actually give them to those individuals that earned them."

However, everything else will go to the highest bidder.