Greg Screws writes 2 Top Ten lists about David Letterman’s retirement

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The CBS “Late Show” with David Letterman will air for the final time on Wednesday, May 20.  You can watch it at 10:35 p.m. on WHNT-TV.

Here at the station, Greg Screws is our funnyman.  We asked him to reflect on what he’ll miss about Dave, so Greg came up with two Top 10 lists.

Greg Screws

Greg Screws, WHNT News 19 anchor

Top Ten Things I Will Miss About Dave…

  1. No show had hipper music than Dave.
  2. Skewering pretentious celebrities.
  3. Competition between Dave and Michael Strahan for best gap in front teeth.
  4. Stories about Harry.
  5. Witty banter between Dave and his twin brother Jack Hanna.
  6. Ice cream. I always ate ice cream watching Dave.
  7. Dave’s suits. Dave wore the best suits on television.
  8. The “New Toy” segment.
  9. Takes deadpan to an Olympic level.
  10. Every now and then you just want to drop something off a building.


Top Ten Things I Love About Dave…

  1. No Twitter or Facebook account.
  2. He loves car racing.
  3. He gave us Ray Romano.
  4. Letterman said he wants to be the “Mayor of Rocket City.”
  5. Learned to ski when most people are learning about high fiber diets.
  6. Loves the music of Greenhill’s Jason Isbell.
  7. Wakes up, has a driver take him to work, where he sleeps three more hours.
  8. Reminds me of Mark Gentle every night.
  9. That Julia Roberts really wants him…
  10. He won Gold for the U.S. as an Olympic boxer in 1976… or least that is what I heard.


As the final few episodes approach, Letterman said some of his final guests will include Tom Hanks, Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray and others.   Letterman will be featured on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” this weekend in an interview with Jane Pauley.

Stephen Colbert will take over hosting duties on the “Late Show” later this year.

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