Several Tennessee Valley schools cancel after school activities Monday due to weather concerns

Ash trays and food don’t mix

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Didn’t cut the Mustard:

The Hard Dock Café at 3755 Hwy 31 N. in Decatur: Score of 72

  • Damaged plastic bin lid and metal strainer.
  • Dirty soda gun nozzle and ice maker.
  • Not reheating to 165F prior to hot holding.
  • Bare hands on hamburger buns.
  • Hand washing in 100F water.
  • Drinks & ash tray in prep area.

The Gridiron at 214 S. McCleskey in Boaz: Score of 74

  • Unlabeled cleaner bottles.
  • Water hose outside and spray head at bar require back siphonage protection.
  • Food residue on slicer.
  • Chicken in warming cabinet at 123-129F degrees.
  • Personal drink in bar stored beside straws and napkins.

Sady’s Bistro at 500 Providence Main in Huntsville: Score of 81

  • No critical violations – just a multitude of violations that added up.

Golden Spoon Award:

Zaxby’s at 2017 East Avalon Avenue in Muscle Shoals: Score of 99

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