Madison group finds camaraderie at Asbury Thrift Store

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -- If you're driving by the Asbury Thrift Store around 9:30 a.m., you might notice a group of seniors gathered around sharing conversation. There are between eight to 10 men and women who start their days at the shop. One of them, Johnnie Becton, said the store is a little escape from reality.

"My wife's got dementia and I come over here, that's about the only break I get during the day," Becton said. "We come over almost every morning, a group of us; we all stand around and talk, carry on conversation."

Each morning, after catching up with each other, they make sure the Asbury customers are taken care of.

"We go around and if people have questions about some of the merchandise, we tell them what it is and what we think it's worth," Becton said. "Normally I make about two trips through the building."

The store manager said visiting with each other has become so routine, when one of person doesn't show up, they make sure to check in with them.