Madison Academy Travels to Montgomery With History in Mind

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) Playing baseball in Montgomery is nothing new to Madison Academy. The Mustangs are making their 2nd straight trip to state and third in the last four years. This trip however, comes with a little extra pressure.

"The only time we talk about it is when someone in the media asks us about it, “ head coach Mike Good said before one of the team’s final practices this week. “You guys tend to be more focused on it than we are. What we are trying to do is just keep climbing the ladder and focus on what this team is capable of accomplishing.”

The accomplishments of this team coupled with the winning tradition of two other teams this school year could put the Mustangs in unprecedented territory. No AHSAA school has ever won the state title football basketball and baseball.

"I feel like a lot of pressure is on us this year, senior Blake Coward said. “Last year we know we couldn't do it because of basketball but this year it's all riding on us." Coward is running out of fingers for state championship rings. He’s quarterbacked the Mustangs to three straight on the football field, and now hopes to make it two in a row on the diamond.

Infielder Will Acuff joined this team a few weeks late, because he was busy helping to mustangs basketball squad take home a blue map in February. "It's talked about but you know the last couple years we've had a chance to, a few years ago baseball got beat when we had a chance but we don't try to talk about it, just focus on us and win a state championship."

Win or lose this week, these players are living in a golden age of Madison Academy sports. This feat would only put a bow on what has already been one of the most successful athletics programs in Alabama History. The players may not be talking about other sports today, but Coward says  their experience should help Montgomery.

"A lot of the guys who play baseball also play football and so I feel like the intensity and high the and stage we are on; I feel like we won't be as nervous as maybe guys on the other team might be."