Assistant principal leaves a legacy of compassion

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Forest Hills Elementary assistant principal Chris Pepper is about to complete his 30th-and final-school year as an educator.  He's retiring this year, but his impact will not soon fade away.  He's founded two clubs-the "Mighty Men Club" and the "Gents Club"-where students that need it can learn to be successful in the classroom environment. Mr. Pepper's legacy of compassion for students has earned him this week's Tools for Teachers award and 319 dollars to spend in the school as he sees fit.

As he makes final exit, Mr. Pepper has a message of encouragement for teachers who are just getting their start:

"Truthfully, I didn't feel good about my first year," Mr. Pepper told us. "I have grown so much as an educator, you know; I’m going to be leaving feeling good about I have accomplished."

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