St. Florian mobile home park & businesses being cut-off city sewer

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St. Florian mayor Don Strait identifies the location of a private sewer being cut-off by the city of Florence. (Carter Watkins / WHNT News 19)

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Business owners in a small Shoals town are scrambling after being put on notice they will no longer be getting sewer service.

The city of Florence has sent letters to St. Florian businesses stating they will no longer be accepting their waste through a private sewage line.

In late April, St. Florian mayor Don Strait got word letters from the Florence Waste-Water Department were sent to businesses in his town stating they were being cut-off.

According to Strait, the city claims the private sewer line coming from Woodland Hills Mobile Home Park was illegally tapped into by other businesses.

“It’s a concern and I’m sorry it’s come down to this,” Strait stated. “I wish I could do something about it, but I do not own the sewer line and I can’t make any bargaining power for it.”

Strait said he’s traveled to Montgomery several times and put in many hours evaluating if the town can put in their own sewer system.

But in the end, it would cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars they don’t have.

“As of right now my hands are tied. I’m sorry it’s come down to this and if by chance this does go ahead and happen it’s going to hurt. It’s really going to hurt,” Strait explained.

And the mobile home park will be hurt the most.

Owners tell WHNT it could cost as much as $400,000 to build a septic system large enough to handle their waste needs.

“I’m going to say there are 50 to 60 homes in the park that’s depending on this, and I mean if they sever it shut it down then I don’t know what that’s going to do,” Strait said.

And for three businesses and the mobile home park, they have until October to figure out what to do with their waste-water.

Mayor Strait said the town is eligible for grants to build their own sewer system, but they don’t have the cash available to pay for matching grants.

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