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Mini horse found killed in bizarre fashion, Boaz family searches for answers

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BOAZ, Ala. - On April 30, two days after the Tuck family noticed their beloved mini horse Mr. Nubby had disappeared, a worker found him dead in a pond on their property.  Mr. Nubby had been shot, and skinned like a deer.

John Tuck, the owner of Hi Pine Farm, said he's amazed someone could do such a thing.

"Whoever it is, I just want them caught. To make sure it doesn't happen to another animal, or even progress to something worse, because I mean this is the things you read about in biographies of serial killers."

UPDATE: Boaz Police said May 22, 2015 that a necropsy report indicates the horse was not shot or skinned. It also shows no signs of criminal activity that may have led to the horse's death.  Read this update.

The Tucks and law enforcement searched for clues on the property, but found nothing. Now, they're asking for help.

"Somebody had to have seen something, somewhere.  And hopefully if they did, you know, even if it's a family member of that person they'll come forward, so this person can get help, if that's the case," adds Tuck.

The experience has been eerie and saddening for the Tuck family, and has left their other mini horse, Peanut, who was also injured, in distress.

"Well he's been traumatized, and just like people, horses have their personality, and emotions," said Tuck.

The Tuck family asks that if anyone has any information to please call the Boaz Police Department.