Fourth graders learn how to protect drinking water during annual festival

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – More than 2,000 fourth graders from Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools and Madison City Schools are learning how to protect one of our precious natural resources: water.

Huntsville Utilities, Madison Water Department and a number of different agencies across Madison County are helping these students during the 18th Annual Madison Drinking Water Festival. They believe the hands-on learning they will receive over the two-day event at UAH is even more beneficial than what they learn in a textbook.

“When someone is looking at you and talking to you, showing you how to do something and then allowing you to do it, you’re going to retain that,” said Harry Hobbs, Public and Governmental Affairs Liaison for Huntsville Utilities.

The students are learning more about watersheds, filtration and well operation during the Drinking Water Festival.

“We’ll be giving them demonstrations and allowing them hands-on experience learning about the various phases of the water industry, water treatment, where our water comes from,” said Fritz Mucke, Madison County Water Department Director.

Hobbs said the leaders and volunteers hope the students’ takeaway is to protect our drinking water and natural resources.

“What we want to do is build a community that’s very well aware of their drinking water, where it comes from and how our day-to-day activities can impact the quality of that water,” Hobbs said.

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