One persistent viewer declares XHose Pro a ‘Deal’

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Josiane Rioux is a great example of how you buy any product.

Save your receipts. Take pictures if a problem occurs. Call the company and act calmly and in a cool respectful manner.

Josiane likes the XHose Pro. The XHose Pro is one of the many brands of expandable hoses on the market. Josiane, like many that have bought that XHose Pro product, loves them because they're lightweight and easy to use.

But, the expandable hoses have problems with toughness. We’ve had reports of plastic connectors breaking and the fabric tearing.

Four times, Josiana Rioux has had to get new hoses sent to her.  She wants to make it clear the company has been great to her. When she has a problem, they step up and fix it.

But she loves the product and just wants it to work. We've made the XHose Pro “Debatable” in our ratings.

But Josiane Rioux is a “Deal.” She is leading by example and hoping others do what she does when it comes to being a smart shopper.

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