Meet the new royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — It’s the second time in less than a year that naming a baby Charlotte made international news.

The British royal family announced Monday that the newborn child of Prince William and Kate — and now fourth in line for the throne — will be named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She shares the first name of the grandchild of Bill and Hillary Clinton: Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Chelsea Clinton gave birth to first Charlotte last September, and her name has been a constant feature on the trail as the former secretary of state cites her as a conduit for talking about the future America she would want to build.

“In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways,” Clinton wrote in the new paperback version of her memoir “Hard Choices.” “There was so much more to do.”


Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (Image: CNN)


Charlotte had been the odds on favorite to become the next royal baby name, so Monday’s announcement did not come as a huge surprise.

Still no word yet on whether the grandmother of her American counterpart will weigh in.

Charlotte was the 11th most popular name among American babies in 2013, showing a market growth in popularity over the past decade, according to the Social Security Administration.

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