Central High School students scared straight with mock fatal wreck

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An actor is transported to an ambulance during a mock DUI wreck at Central High School in Florence. (Carter Watkins / WHNT)

CENTRAL HEIGHTS, Ala. (WHNT) – With prom season upon us and high school graduations just around the corner, first responders have entered schools with a strong message: Don’t drink and drive.

Fire fighters with the Jaws of Life, a medical helicopter, and a coroner all descended on a mock wreck scene Friday morning at Central High School.  Sadly, it’s a reality emergency responders see all too often.

Fortunately this is a mock wreck, meant to show students at what a bad decision can turn into.

High school junior Savannah Parrett is a volunteer fire fighter when she’s not on campus.

She represented a driver hit by a drunk driver in Friday’s mock wreck.

“People did come up to me and were like ‘that is what it was really looks like,'” said Parrett.  “I was in wreck and that’s how I acted. I screamed like that. They cut the car like that. That’s how it was. I know how it is, and it does affect them.”

She has seen firsthand the tragedy drinking and driving can cause, which is why she felt it was so important to send a message to her fellow classmates.

“[These are] the consequences if you drink and drive. You’ve seen the wreck, you watched it firsthand. That’s what happens, you shouldn’t do it. If you do it, you’re stupid and you deserve to go to jail,” Parrett said.

And Parrett believes if they keep just one person from making the wrong choice, then the simulation was worth the effort.

The Central High School prom is scheduled for Saturday night in Florence.  Each junior and senior was asked to sign a pledge saying they wouldn’t drink and drive.

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