Pruning rose bushes

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A rose without any flowers is just another bush. But the rose flower itself could be considered one of the most beautiful things in nature. If you’d like to have flowers regularly on your roses, you need to know that roses only bloom on new growth. Older wood won't produce any buds. You'll need to cut those roses back so they come out with all new growth.


Within a rose bloom there are seeds. When a rose is finished blooming and beginning to fall off, it's best to cut the bloom off. Otherwise the plant will try to nurse the seeds within it and will extend energy to do that instead of allowing other buds to bloom. If you cut off the blooms when they start to die, then other blooms will come. The best place to make the cut is at the first five leaf cluster below the bloom - not a three leaf cluster.  If you try these things with your roses you’ll find that they bloom more often than you expect.

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