Praying for Baltimore, the place some local students call home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The National Guard was called into Baltimore after recent protests and riots have turned extremely violent.

Rioters are roaming the streets destroying police cars, malls, and they even lit some place on fire. Protesters took aim at police yesterday. They threw rocks at police and ended up injuring 15 officers. The violence follows yesterday's funeral of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old died after suffering a spinal injury while he was in police custody.

Students and faculty at Oakwood University gathered for a prayer service. They prayed for peace in Baltimore. Ronald Pollard is the Chaplin at Oakwood University and he feels, "Prayer helps us realize that some of these things that are taking place are way outside of our individual control."

Many of the people attending the prayer service realize that we can't  solve the issues in our world alone. Jajuan Sanders is a student at Oakwood University. Jajuan believes that in order to move forward, "we have to look at the good so that we can get past the negative."

Jajuan is actually from Baltimore. Watching videos and seeing what is happening to his hometown is devastating. "When I began to see that they are moving throughout the city going to different areas I began to get worried and what worried me was not the riots its personal individuals," he said.

His family still lives there and it's hard for him to focus on exams when he is constantly thinking about his family's safety, "hopefully no one gets hurt, so there is always a worry."

All of this destruction has inspired him to go back home this summer and give back to the city he loves so much. Jajuan hopes to work with youth and encourage them to protest without violence.