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Madison City Schools students lend helping hand during ACT Enrichment Day

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - While all of the juniors in the Madison City Schools district took the ACT on Tuesday, all freshmen, sophomores and seniors made the choice of how to spend their day. Because the buildings needed to be silent, Madison City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler said the students made a choice to either spend the day preparing for exams, touring a college or taking part in a community service project.

"Learning doesn't always have to take place inside the four walls of this school," Dr. Fowler said.

They could choose from a number of different service projects around Madison including mulching at Dublin Park, organizing at the Asbury Community Thrift Store or landscaping at a number of area senior citizen centers.

"In Madison City, we're very serious about giving back to the community and we think that that is one of our obligations to help," Dr. Fowler said.

Some students chose service projects that gave back to activities they are involved in.

"It's just to help out the community and make our community nicer because I have a brother who comes out here and plays soccer a lot," James Clemens High School freshman Jared Appel said.

"I go to church at Asbury so I decided it's better to help my church and come and do the community service," Bob Jones High School freshman Anna O'Donell said.