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Florence Police put out warning about synthetic drugs after Tuesday incident

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Cropped Photo: Schorle / Wikipedia / MGN Online

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Florence Police say they were called to help an ambulance crew Tuesday afternoon. Officials say they had encountered a victim who admitted he smoked the synthetic drug “Spice.”

Authorities say the man was in medical distress but was very combative toward medical personnel.

Florence Police posted online that an officer ultimately had to ride in the back of the ambulance to maintain physical control of the man to get him medical attention.

Police posted a quick public service announcement to Facebook after the incident saying “Don’t ingest harmful substances into your body and you will never have to worry about this occurring to you”.

Florence PD screengrab

Last week, the Alabama Department of Public Health reported hospitals in the state have seen more than 460 patients between March 15 and April 20 for symptoms after smoking of ingesting synthetic marijuana. Of those patients, 96 were hospitalized and 2 deaths have occurred.