“We’re all family here” – More than $5,000 raised for Jackson Co. deputy’s family

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- When most of a community pitches in to help, you know the person they're doing it for is loved. That was the case in Jackson County Friday, with the people in the community coming together to help the family of Corrections Deputy Charley Murphy.

"He's been a reserve with the Sheriff's Office since 1989," Sheriff Chuck Phillips says, "He was hired in '07 to work our road crew, our inmate road crew, to do litter control." Corrections Deputy Charley Murphy passed away last Friday.

A week later, the first floor of the Jackson County Courthouse was bustling with people. Five long tables were set up, packed full of baked goods.

Brandy Redoblado is the clerk for the investigations office. Kim Rice is the chief clerk for the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. They stand with others willing to help the efforts, attending to the steady stream of people who come through the doors. They're set up right outside the Sheriff's Office  under a bright green sign that reads "Bake sale for Charley."

The proceeds go to Murphy's family. "Burial expenses, but mainly to buy a headstone," Rice says.

However, the efforts stretch outside the courthouse doors. "The community pretty much has pitched in and helped with donating funds and goods for us to sell today," Redoblado says.

Money exchanges hands, but often times without a purchase. More often than that it's accompanied with a story. "We're all coworkers, but we're all family here too. So when somebody in our family hurts or needs things we all kick in to do what we can to help out," Redoblado says.

The efforts started early Friday morning. Just before noon, all of those tables full of things to sell were gone. "He just really meant a lot to our office," Rice says.

So far, the fundraiser reached more than five thousand dollars from the sale and donations from the community.

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