Inspirational athletes at the Morgan County Special Olympics

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) - Athletes from all over Morgan County gathered at Ogle Field to compete in multiple Special Olympic competitions. These athletes have been training and practicing leading up to the event.

Alyssa Owens participated in the softball throwing competition and the 50 meter run. She said, "Well I was at school practicing for the 50 meter run and the softball throw." Her hard work at practice paid off. She received a ribbon for both competitions. She was so excited: "I could cry right now," she commented.

Participating in the Morgan County Special Olympics means the world to Owens. Her mother says she talks about the competition weeks before the event.  "It means everything. She knows that she has had a sense of accomplishment and she has a moment to be proud of herself and then I am definitely proud of her too," Alyssa's mother said.

Alyssa says competing in the race is not always about winning.

"I got fourth place ribbon. I don't care and it is ok I don't get first, second, or third place. It's fine," said Alyssa. For her it is more about how she feels and what she accomplished, "I won fourth place. Fourth... that is so amazing to me. I am so proud of my own self, I done it," she said.

That is the attitude every athlete should have, and captures the spirit of the event flawlessly.

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