Decatur work release escapee caught, charged with causing deadly wreck in Birmingham

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Martin Jay Creasman (Photo: Alabama Department of Corrections)

Martin Jay Creasman (Photo: Alabama Department of Corrections)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WHNT) – Birmingham Police say a man who crashed a stolen truck into a vehicle earlier this week, killing two women, is an escapee from Decatur.

Martin Jay Creasman, 51, is in custody.  He’s actually been in and out of jail 60 times over the years, most recently walking away from the Decatur Community Work Center on April 8.

Police say Creasman crashed a stolen truck into a car on Crestwood Boulevard in Birmingham on Wednesday morning.  Two women were inside the car, 69-year-old Linda Garrison Jones and 92-year-old Margie Lovell. Both died.  We understand they were headed to a meeting at church.

Police say Creasman gave them a fake name.  They were able to get fingerprints and learn his real identity.

Creasman’s extensive criminal record includes convictions for theft, robbery, credit card fraud and other crimes.  He was serving a 17-year-sentence for unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle.

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