TAKING ACTION to help a Limestone County family dealing with flooding issues

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A storm shelter is supposed to be a safe place. But one Limestone County family says they have trouble getting in and out of the shelter, and so do their elderly neighbors that use the shelter. They say the problem had to do with a ditch that overflows into the shelter. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to find a fix for the problem.

Ditch floodingWe photographed the area earlier this week after a light rain. Wendy Kellum says a heavy rain causes the ditch to overflow making it dangerous to get in and out of her shelter.

"We have lots of people that get in that storm shelter. We just need a little help getting it cleared out, the ditches cleared out where that water will flow like it should," Kellum says.

There are several smaller problems here that add up to a big problem after a heavy rain. The pipe under her drive is clogged up, along with a similar pipe just up the road. Looking in the other direction, the ditch just abruptly ends here making it difficult for the water to flow down to the next ditch.

"We need the county to get out here and take care of this and I hope news channel 19 is going to help us by taking action," Kellum says.

So we contacted Limestone County District 4 Commissioner Ben Harrison. He was already well aware of the problem. Harrison tells us they plan to come out and dig the entire ditch out from above the other side of the storm cellar all the way down to where the water will hit the ditch at blackburn road."

"It's an 18-inch rotted out metal culvert that's going to have to be replaced and of course that's the home owner's responsibility. But as soon as they do that we can go in and ditch it between that, after we put it in, and Blackburn Road. So I don't think it'll be a problem,"

Wendy says they'll buy the new pipe. Commissioner Harrison says as soon as the pipe is ready, they'll install it for her and finish the ditch.

Harrison, by the way,  got the county engineer to look at that entire section along New Cut Road and identified another clogged drain just up the road from the Kellum's. He's working to get all of the problems in that area repaired. We'll report back as soon as the work is underway.

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