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When Sunny weather returns, be mindful Melanoma is on the rise

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  Even though its a little chilly here in Huntsville, students around the country are heading down to the beach this month for spring break and with summer around the corner, we all look forward to catching some rays. But, one local dermatologist wants to remind sun worshipers, the life-threatening skin cancer melanoma is on the rise.

The warmer temperatures mean lots of time outdoors; whether you're at the beach or looking forward to some time at the pool this summer.

"The amount of sun you're accumulating today, will eventually have its effect as you get older..late 20's-30's, so we're looking at aging skin, we're looking at skin cancer," said Dermatological Surgeon Dr. Angelo Mancuso.

Dr. Mancuso says more and more people are coming to see him for sun spots and leaving with a melanoma diagnosis.

"It's really becoming an epidemic, at one time we used to see, let's say one or two a month of melanomas, now we're seeing five a week, those are the ones that are deadly..those are the ones that can kill you," said Dr. Angelo Mancuso.

If you are planning to soak up the sun this season, Dr. Mancuso says prevention is key.

"Wearing a hat, sunscreen..they have special sun clothing," said Dr. Mancuso.

Also, don't forget to protect your peepers, sunglasses can protect your eyes from a potentially life-altering condition.

"We're also seeing skin lesions on the eyeball as a result of sun exposure., they actually start to obscure the vision."