Protecting plants from Spring freeze

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Cooler temperatures are a reminder that spring is a changeable season here in the Tennessee Valley.

If the recent string of warm sunny days inspired you to do some early planting, don't despair.

George Bennett of Bennett Nurseries says he believes most flowering plants and cool-season vegetables will survive the freeze we're expecting.

Of greater concern are warm-weather vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. These and other vulnerable plants will need to be protected over the next couple of days.

Bennett says plastic makes the best cover but you have to use it correctly.

"For instance, if you're trying to cover a tree and you put a top over and the cover comes halfway down, that won't work. It's got to go to the ground," he explains.

Bringing the material all the way to the ground and then weighing it down will trap the heat and keep the plant protected.

Bennett says you want to "tent"the material, if possible. A stake or other similar object will keep the cold plastic from touching the plant.

In a pinch, cloth can also work as a cover. However, keep in mind that any rain will make the fabric heavy and could crush the plant.

Don't forget, you can get detailed weather information, including helpful facts for your garden, anytime at

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