Fiber Internet: What about Madison?

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(Photo: MGN Online)

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – We’ve heard a lot about Huntsville’s intentions to become a “Gig City,” but what about fiber internet for neighboring Madison?

First off, yes, city leaders want fiber internet in Madison.

Mayor Troy Trulock tells us, “For our citizens and as a resident of Madison, I am very interested in high-speed fiber getting to our homes and our businesses.”

In fact, they understand the benefits first-hand after recent upgrades at city-hall.

“High-speed fiber is critical, adds Trulock, “We’ve actually just turned on some fiber for our city buildings, because we needed to be able to pass information and have backup capabilities within city buildings.”

As for getting that internet to you, Trulock shares, “Private companies are now coming to us and saying, ‘We have some interest. We’d like to talk to you and see what’s available.'”

That’s what they’re counting as far getting fiber-to-the-home in Madison. They haven’t taken any steps as official as the Request for Information that Huntsville put out. Instead, they’re relying on already established approach.

“We go out of our way to make it business-friendly, and so we want to make sure businesses that want to come into Madison, we open the door and we help them be productive in the city of Madison,” says Trulock, “The same thing with fiber companies. As they’re showing an interest in us, we’ll sit down and talk with them and try to work out some kind of an negotiation or some kind of an agreement.”

City leaders hope that agreement happens soon.

Trulock tells us, “We’re excited. We’re ready.”

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