Two mobile food units, Dallas Mill Express & Cottage Crepes, score perfect 100!

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard: March 19, 2015

La Orquidea Restaurant at 801 Baltimore Avenue in Albertville: Score of 70
• Unlabeled cleaner bottle
• Inside of ice maker needed to be cleaned
• Failing to date mark Temperature Control for Safety foods in cooler
• Lengua (beef tongue) at 125, Chicken at 109
• Manager certification expired.

Old Rocking Chair Restaurant at 814 Hwy 72 in Tuscumbia: Score of 82
• Several items without date marks - chicken salad, baked potatoes, hard boiled eggs, riblets
• Personal drink - coffee cup, sitting on meat/cheese slicer - abated by discarding

Asian Cuisine at 229 French Farms Blvd in Athens: Score of 83

• Chicken and steak in prep unit 46 degrees
• Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods

Golden Spoon Winner: Subway at 8470 Hwy 72 in Cherokee: Score of 99

And finally, here's a Restaurant Ratings Shoutout to two mobile food units this week for scoring a perfect 100 on their latest inspection. Congratulations to Dallas Mill Express at 500 Pratt Ave in Huntsville and Cottage Crepes at 11208 South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville!