More thanks than issues: Albertville Police hold event to connect with community, but get a different twist

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Albertville Police officers are trying something new and giving the community a chance to talk with them about what matters, but the comments officers are getting are not exactly what they expected.

Officers spent Thursday inside a coffee shop holding steaming cups, and talking with residents. "People can come out and actually get to know who the police are in their community," Chief Doug Pollard says.

In the first event of many like this one, Chief Pollard and his officers are talking with residents about what issues they have. "There's no agenda here. If you got any concerns you come in, you sit down and we'll talk about them," Chief Pollard says.

Albertville Police are taking those comments to heart, and plan to put them at the front of their duties moving forward.

As the morning progressed though, Chief Pollard and his officers started hearing more and more comments that they didn't expect. "Most of all it's people coming in and just thanking us for what we do," Chief Pollard says.

Unexpected words -- but words that mean a lot to these people whose sole job is to keep Albertville safe. "That's really good to hear," Chief Pollard says.

Officers plan to take concerns they've heard and work to fix them best they can.

As for those more numerous words of thanks -- well, everyone likes to be appreciated. These officers are no exception. "It just feels real good," Chief Pollard says.

The department plans to hold more community opportunities like this one at other places around Albertville in the upcoming months.