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“It has been a privilege to live here”: Guntersville’s ‘The Lighthouse’ home is changing hands

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A unique Guntersville landmark residents simply know as 'The Lighthouse' is turning another page in a long book of memories as negotiations are underway for a potential buyer.

As people mill in and out of a beautiful, large home on Lake Guntersville in Marshall County, Lorettea Kennamer stands outside in front of a view that can't be priced. "My husband built this house in 1962," Kennamer says, "It's been a life long accomplishment for him."

Mrs. Kennamer's family has years of memories in the home. Residents around Guntersville know it well too - it's different from anything else in the area.

A large lighthouse spans the top of the building. The home boasts a helipad and a pool overlooking the lake. "I just opened this house up for the community children and they could come, go, as they pleased."

Mrs. Kennamer's husband passed away several months ago and now, the home is changing hands.

Thursday, the home was the center of a much-anticipated auction.

As numbers, facts, and prices flew to the ears of potential buyers interested in the home, others milled about the property.

Those visitors certainly aren't the first who are new to the area. "Since we built the lighthouse, he started that in 2001, I probably have shown it to close to 4,000 people, and it's just amazing who comes to the front door and ask can they come in." Mrs. Kennamer says she would open the door to those visitors. She says the home has always been shared.

"I really pray that whoever buys it will share it with the community," Kennamer says.

The home is changing hands, but those memories won't. "We've had a wonderful life here,"

A potential buyer is in negotiations about the home. That person can't tell us what his plans are if he does by it, and a final price hasn't been decided yet.