Toasted cheese device, ‘Mr. Melt’ not good

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I’m all about a toasted cheese or grilled cheese sandwich.  Love them.

It stems from when I would get home from Mrs. Lockhart’s kindergarten class.

Mom would make tomato soup and a grilled cheese for me to eat while “As the World Turns” was on the small black-and-white television.

All that drama with Penny, Dr. Hughes, and Lisa … there I was slurping soup and sandwiches …listening to the stuff that adults do in those soap operas.

Yes. I took a turn off the road.

The “Mr. Melt” is a device that claims to give you a toasted cheese by holding it over any heat source.

It’s not just a camping thing. The packaging says any electric or gas stoves, campfires or grills.  The “Mr. Melt” cost $14.99.

We put it over an oven eye for the time the packaging suggests we do, and it didn’t make a very good toasted cheese.

Also, the handle, I think, is short. When you hold it over the heat, it appears to me and feels like the handle is too short.

We rated the “Mr. Melt” a Dud. If you have had a different experience with a “Mr. Melt” then please email me. We would love to update the story with your experience.

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