Lauderdale County seeks owed fines; Hundreds face arrest

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office has set up the month of March to collect past due tickets and fines from more than 600 people.

Hundreds of files hang in a rather large cabinet inside the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department. All of the folders are filled with arrest warrants for people who have failed to pay fines over the last few years.

District Attorney Chris Connolly said they have been mandated by the state courts to collect what’s owed to them.

“They range from a seat belt ticket that’s $47 on up to things in district court that are several thousand dollars. But it’s money that’s owed to the court system that needs to be paid,” Connolly explained.

So Connolly instituted “Make it up in March.” He said every name in the warrant cabinet has been sent a notice to pay up by the end of the month, or come to court on April 1st.

According to Connolly, he wants to give everyone an opportunity to do the right thing. But ultimately it’s their choice.

“If people just don’t show up after getting the notice, the warrants are already out there, so we will make an effort in April to start arresting these people,” stated Connolly. “And we really don’t want to do that on these minor things, but again we just can’t let them sit there.”

In total, 668 people have arrests warrants, and Connolly said they are prepared to execute the warrants in April if the need arises.

The Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office has all of the people who have arrest warrants listed on their website.

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