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Section High School student accepted to West Point

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SECTION, Ala. (WHNT) - A young man from Section High School will take part in one of the most exclusive, respected, and rigorous programs in the country.

Seth Bailer is a senior at Section High School who was recently accepted to West Point.   It's a rare, and impressive achievement, which school administrators thought called for an assembly and reception at school.

Congressman Mo Brooks noticed Bailer among many competitive applications, saying, "Seth in particular stood out. Which is obvious from him having been one of the few people nominated to be accepted at West Point. It's a very difficult challenge to be accepted in the face of all of that competition. About 9 percent of all the people who apply to West Point actually get accepted."

Bailer received the good news last month, in the form of a personal call from Congressman Brooks. "I was really really excited, you know it's a really big deal, and its a great honor. And when he called me I was just really really happy and I couldn't wait to tell my parents," said Bailer.

Bailer isn't the only member of his family selected by the military academy. "I did not realize he had a cousin, and an uncle who have been successful at West Point, and that's truly a credit to the family," added Brooks.

The high school senior will graduate in May and head to New York in June, but in the mean time he plans to train. "I'm really excited to see what it's really like. You hear stories about how hard it is and stuff but I really want to see for myself what it's like," Bailer says.

He will now join the ranks with two American presidents, four heads of state, and nearly 80 Medal of Honor recipients.