Second man charged in conspiracy & bribery case to be arraigned

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Cedric Ryans (Photo: HPD)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A second man indicted in a conspiracy to bribe a Huntsville police officer is expected in federal court.  An arraignment is scheduled for 2 p.m. for Cedric Duane Ryans at the federal courthouse in downtown Huntsville.

Ryans is charged with three counts in connection with an alleged conspiracy to make a cocaine-trafficking charge for an “un-named suspect” go away.  The counts against the 42 year old include conspiracy to defraud the United States and intimidation of force against a witness.  The second defendant in this case, Huntsville police officer Lewis Hall, has already pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors say Ryans gave Hall cash to pay another Huntsville police officer who had arrested the suspect.  Authorities say that officer was supposed to claim his search, which led to the discovery of the drugs, was unlawful.  In court filings, this second member of Huntsville Police Department is identified only as “cooperating officer.”

As for Hall, he has agreed to surrender all law enforcement licenses and never take another job in law enforcement. his sentencing is scheduled for July 14.