Getting Results, And Taking Action A Second Time On A Madison County Road

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) Steger Road in Madison County is almost typical. It's a two lane that's often busy.  It serves growing neighborhoods, and is the main way to get to a school. It also had a problem.  For Drivers travelling east from Highway 231-431, there was no speed limit sign.  Drivers would travel some three miles before they found an official sign for how fast they should travel.  With our radar gun we determined that few if any drivers were travelling at the presumed speed of 40-miles an hour.

We took action on that problem and called Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones.  A 40-mile an hour speed limit sign was installed. "I would say it has been a lot better. Cars seem to be slowing down a little bit," says Kate Montgomery.  We like the sound of that, but we decided to see for ourselves if drivers were heeding the new sign.

We took out our radar gun and tracked the speed of several cars and trucks.  We found exactly one travelling near the speed limit.  Every other driver was exceeding the 40-mile limit.  Several vehicles were travelling in the 60's. "People are flying by here all the time, and it's not necessary," says Kate Montgomery.

We're taking action a second time on Steger Road, and asking the county to make sure law enforcement visits Steger Road whenever possible.  The result we're after is a road with safe drivers travelling the speed limit.