Downtown Huntsville Inc looking for ideas on small spaces with big impact

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Downtown Huntsville Inc. is looking for ideas on how to temporarily change the city center's landscape with micro parks.

Downtown Huntsville Inc CEO Chad Emerson says, "a micro park is a semi-permanent park, really inspired by our pop up parks that we've been doing each October for the last couple of years."

Micro parks have been done in other parts of the country.

Here in Huntsville, the sky is the limit as to what they might look like.

Whether fun or functional, the goal would be to transform vacant or underused space for a brief period of time, perhaps one or two years.

As Emerson puts it, "the idea is to... get the community thinking... temporarily this could be something really interesting and maybe down the road it gets redeveloped into something permanent."

Since putting out the call for ideas two weeks, Downtown Huntsville Inc has already received a number of submissions.

If you have an idea you'd like to pitch, just email