Civil suit filed in Sparkman Middle Schools rape ‘bait’ case

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Sparkman Middle School

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – There is a new development in a case which gained national attention and outrage. There has been a new filing in what has become known as the Sparkman rape “bait” case.

Lawyers filed a civil suit against the male accused of raping a female inside a Sparkman Middle School bathroom in 2010.

The now 19-year-old female victim said it started a scheme designed by a teacher’s aid. The victim said the aid wanted to catch the male making sexual advances on another student.

Instead, court documents stated the victim was raped. The male was suspended from school for 20 days, then allowed to return.

The victim’s lawyer, Eric Artrip, says that suspension was not enough.

“That’s really the most shocking part of this story is that is that he didn’t have any real criminal punishment, and he didn’t have any real consequences while he was at Sparkman Middle School. A relatively short suspension and he was right back in the school system, so again, that’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to go after this young man civilly, because we’re trying to find some way to hold him accountable,” Atrip said.

Artrip also tell us he  will go before the 11th circuit court of appeals next month. The court will hear arguments from his side as well as the Madison County Board of Education.

Artrip says his client will be there for that hearing.