BBB warns of Dream Vacation Prize Scams

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Most of us dream of getting a phone call saying we won a grand prize!  However, be aware when you get the call and you haven't even entered the contest.


The Better Business Bureau warns of a scam working it's way around the area.  Calls promising a dream cruise vacation is yours with a deposit to hold the cruise or other fees payable.  Be especially aware if you didn't even enter a contest, but know that if you win a contest you shouldn't have to pay fees up front or even deposits.   When in doubt, contact the Better Business Bureau to verify the company is real.


Also working it's way around the area is the IRS scam first reported last year.  A call from someone claiming to be an agent with the IRS threatens that the police are soon to arrive to arrest you if you don't pay your delinquent tax bill immediately.   The IRS will never call and threaten and will never ask for funds over the phone.

As always, call the Better Business Bureau with any questions and concerns at (256) 850-0719.