Car specialists work extra hard during winter

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The latest wave of icy roads has most of north Alabama businesses shut down -- again.

Want to know who was still open? Auto supply stores.

"We stock everyday. We're just trying to be here for the customers," said O'Reilley's installer service specialist Brian Marks.

Old Man Winter's effects on your ride are chemical, physical, and --let's face it -- emotional. So for the last three weeks of wintery battering, the people at the car part chain have put in extra work.

Assistant manager Ovy Rivera, from Puerto Rico with no experience of snow, was out front getting the storefront cleared.

"I was shoveling, then we put down some ice melt," he explained. "We don't want customers falling."

Even if you aren't hitting black ice or sliding into a ditch somewhere, winter is still trying to destroy your car.

You've got to watch for salt causing rust and everything that could go wrong under the hood.

"A lot of customers are coming in looking for wiper blades, deicer, ice scrapers, rock sale, a lot of stuff you can't find in normal stores this time of year," said Marks.

As soon as advance warning of winter comes down, everything flies off the shelves.

"We run out but we order extra supplies as well, so we can keep up with the situation," said Rivera.

Long story short, know that low temperatures mean higher fuel consumption and heightened risk for windshield cracks, amongst other things.

"Check your tire pressure, check your antifreeze, get your battery tested," recommended Marks.

Most of all, stay safe.

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