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It’s not too late to save on winter electricity

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – With recent record-breaking snowfall in the Tennessee Valley, it’s no secret we have faced an abnormally long, cold winter. With those cold temperatures, your heater is likely working around the clock.

General manager of Guntersville Electric Board Tommy Troup wants to remind people to think about their thermostat settings.

“Just be careful with what you do with your thermostat, and know that down the road is where it’s going to cost you.”

To many people, 70 degrees still feels cold to the skin, however turning the heat up above 68 degrees can cause an increases on the bill. “When the temperature is below freezing, or if you mess with the thermostat, you can drive your electric bill up significantly by doing that, because you can cause the backup heat to kick on,” adds Troup.

Try to use your electricity wisely,  bundle up, set a temperature on your thermostat. Additional suggestions to help you conserve energy and save money are keep curtains closed at night to hold in heat, and make sure there is a tight seal around your door.   If it is still drafty, roll up a towel and put it along the bottom of the door to block cold air.

If all else fails, remember — winter won’t last forever.

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