‘She said just hold the bucket’: Principal subject of one of the coolest senior pranks ever

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WICHITA, Kan. (CNN) - This year's crazy senior prank at one Kansas high school has nearly the whole graduating class involved.  At first, the principal was shocked.  Now, he says he's grateful every time a student joins in on the prank.

For senior Emily Jones at Wichita North High School, it started with an idea.

"I wanted to do something nice for my principal," Jones said.

She had a bucket, and had an idea to do a different kind of senior prank for her principal, Sherman Padgett, to show her appreciation.

"So I was conversing with my mom about this idea and she said why don't you just give a bunch of cards to your principal and so I was like, oh, that's a good idea when you get the whole senior class in on it," Jones said.

"Last Wednesday we were going to do a hall march. Emily said, she didn't say anything about why, she just said hold the bucket. And I'm not going to hold the bucket unless I have a little inkling of why it could be," said Padgett.

After a little added pressure, Padgett did hold the bucket.

"I went out, just out my door, during the first passing period and honestly two or three kids walked by, four kids max and then a kid comes up and drops a note in the bucket."

And from there, note after note after note...  with messages such as:

"I love all the great traditions at North High."

"Thank you for making high school the best years of my life."

"Thank you for being the best principal ever."

"When you dressed up as Miss Witten last year at the pep assembly it was my first pep assembly at North and now it will probably be my favorite."

"You've made my first year experience in America one that I will always fondly remember."

"I remember when you helped me get through my eating disorder and helped me get into therapy."

Principal Padgett got something out of each of one.

"It became a little emotional on some of them, I kind of read them and thought man, this is better than a paycheck. This is why I do the things that I do," he said.

For Emily, the prank was all about thanking someone who's meant so much to her.

"Padgett is an awesome principal and I hope he continues being an awesome principal which I know he will," she said.

As for the bucket, it's something Principal Padgett will keep close for a while.

"I take my bucket out all the time because even if it's one kid that oh, I've got my note that's one connection between a kid and myself, that matters that day," he said.

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