Taking Action For Worried Madison County Drivers

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- The neighborhood served by Latigo Loop in Madison County is a nice one.  The homes are comfortable, brick and fairly new.  The driving problem for the neighbors is not new.  It began when they moved in. "There is really no safety in not being able to see, and the blind spot where cars are coming up," says Ronald Nobles.

He's talking about the hill on Indian Creek Road just before it passes by Latigo Loop, the only way out of the neighborhood. Drivers can see fine off to their left, but to their right, there's the top of the hill. "With that hill...that little mound coming over right there...someone in a low car, you really can't see over it," says O.J. Rice, who says he worries most about his daughter and wife when they use the intersection.

Ronald Nobles has taken photos of previous wrecks at the intersection.  He says he hasn't seen anyone lose their life, but he's worried it could happen. Neighbor Linda Holloway is worried a bad accident could happen to her. "The anxiety level is extremely high. So when I pull up, I actually worry that I don't want to hit anybody, or get hit," says Linda.

The problems for neighbors trying to turn on to Indian Creek Road are complicated by how busy Indian Creek is a peak travel times, and the fact that drivers on Indian Creek don't have any warning that they're approaching a somewhat hidden side street.

The bottom line as far as neighbors are concerned, this is a dangerous intersection. "On a scale of one to ten, i would say nine-point-five," says Linda Holloway. We agree that it's not a good situation, and we're taking action to get results. We're making sure Madison County officials are aware of the concerns.  At the very least some extra signs might make drivers be a little more cautious.

We'll keep you posted on what happens.

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