Officer educates parents on ‘dabbing’ & other drug trends at Decatur’s 13th Child Safety Conference

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Tuesday at the 13th annual Child Safety Conference held at Decatur Baptist Church, community sponsors collaborated to improve coordinated responses to prevent and respond to crimes against children and to provide child safety education in Alabama. A guest speaker also spoke to parents about the latest drug trends; there were several hot topics.

“The parents really need to be involved as far as knowing exactly what’s going on because, I mean, they are the first defense,” noted Demond Garth, Assistant Principal at Cedar Ridge Middle School.

The first defense, he says, from crime and drugs. The references are everywhere — In the songs kids listen to, even on the clothes they wear.

Officer Jermaine Galloway has been an Idaho law enforcement officer since 1997 and has more than 11 years experience in alcohol and drug education, enforcement and prevention. Officer Galloway currently provides nationwide training to coalition members, law enforcement, educators, youth, counselors, probation, treatment, health professionals, judges and community members. Tuesday, he served as one of the guest speakers at the Child Safety Conference. He spent his time in the spotlight to illuminate parents to warning signs he says are right under their noses.

Galloway says the goal is to prevent issues before they reach law enforcement.

“What are all these different things that you see that before you would have just disregarded? Where now maybe we need to look at counseling, now maybe just a simple conversation needs to take place. Ask your child, ‘is this the direction you want your life to go,'” Galloway suggested.

He says a conversation between parents and kids doesn’t have to take place at the table in a dimly lit room with the TV off. He says many parents don’t know where to start, but it can be as simple as talking to your child casually while driving down the road. Galloway says school yourself about the top drug trends, before someone on the street schools your child.

Top Drug Trends

YouTube user demonstrates the difference between smoking weed and 'dabbing.' (PHOTO: StrainCentral)

YouTube user demonstrates the difference between smoking weed and ‘dabbing.’ Learning how to use cannabis oils is just a click away for your teen. (PHOTO: StrainCentral)

While Officer Galloway says herbal drugs bought online and designer drugs like Ecstasy and Molly continue to stay on the rise, ‘dabbing’ is the latest fad.

“The main trend right now is marijuana concentrates. That’s the main ones we’re dealing with right now — waxes, oils or concentrates called dabbing.”

Your children don’t have to wait around for someone in their circle of friends to introduce them to new trends. The internet is filled with ‘dabbing 101’ tutorials. The StrainCentral YouTube user below uploaded a nearly 12 minute video showing exactly how to use butane hash oils.

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