Are weather fluctuations to blame for your sniffles?

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) –The roller coaster weather is annoying for many different reasons, but is it to blame for your case of the sniffles?

"With those fluctuating changes, the cold virus actually is transmitted easier in cold weather," said Bret McGill, Dean of Health and Science at Calhoun Community College.

McGill says there are many factors that go into what make a person sick and the changing weather is definitely one of them.

"Temperature does affect it, the climate changes, especially the kind of weather we have in Alabama where we have 68 degrees then 23 degrees by Thursday or Friday," said McGill.

McGill says there are even more symptoms that can be attributed to the shifting climate.

"People say with a cold front coming in, their joints will ache, their sinus pressure will increase or decrease with the barometric pressure that changes with cold fronts and warm fronts that are moving through the area," said McGill.

With more cold weather on the way, don't put away your long johns just yet.

"If you can obviously stay in out of the weather, stay in a controlled environment.  A lot of us can't do that, so obviously when you're outside, stay bundled up," said McGill.

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