Nexus Energy Center works to make homes more energy efficient

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- The Tennessee Valley has seen the best of old man Winter this year. Surviving this winter without a home heating system sounds miserable, but for some people that is reality.

Nexus Energy Center in Huntsville is determined to help people heat their homes while also making their homes more energy efficient. They are doing this through their Comfort Project efforts. The Comfort Project is focusing on senior citizens right now.

Nexus just wrapped up a Comfort Project at Mr. Kings home. The executive director of Nexus Energy Center, Ruchi Singhal says Mr. King was a very deserving recipient.

Singhal says, "Mr. King is 90 years-old he use to be a farmer here in Huntsville and he is a great guy. He just needed some help lowering his utility bills making his home warm and comfortable, and everyone deserves that."

The improvements made on Mr. Kings home has not only saved him money, he has also seen major health improvements. When Nexus Energy Center made Mr. King's home more energy efficient they resealed a lot of the windows and door. This helps to keep moisture and allergens out of his home. Mr. King's home has already seen 30% less air leaks.

Singnal says that there are a lot of people in the Tennessee Valley that need this same type of help. Nexus Energy Center is determined to help other senior citizens just like Mr. King. Since The Comfort Project is funded by various organizations within the community, the amount of recipients depends on the amount people or organizations that want to help.

If you are interested in helping Nexus Energy Center there are plenty of ways to volunteer or donate. 

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