Guntersville workers find affordable ‘solution’ to treat roads during winter weather

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We don't often see the magnitude of snow that hit Alabama last week, and because of that, many parts of the state don't have all of the necessary resources to keep the roads clear. However, that didn't stop a group of innovative city maintenance workers in Guntersville from creating their own solution.

As soon as the weather report came in that a snowstorm was on its way to Marshall county, city maintenance workers in Guntersville put their heads together and built a piece of equipment that was missing from their arsenal. Director of Public Works Mike Bush says, "The fellas here at the public works department saw the state using a truck that has a brine solution, or a liquid calcium solution, and so they decided they could build us one, and they did that."

The construction of the solution sprayer was fairly simple: a large plastic container full of solution, and some PVC pipes. The solution is distributed by gravity, as it travels through the pipe.

"Of course it wasn't a budget item, we did it with just money we had available. But we're looking at some other things to be budgeted for next years budget as far as to deal with snow and ice," Bush added.

The brine solution is meant to be a pre-treatment for the roads, which will help crews clear the snow and ice more efficiently. "But we felt like that we could see that there was a difference having that application put on the roads," said Bush.

The crew is still perfecting their solution, but have seen a noticeable difference thanks to the new addition.

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