Kids to Love: Taneshia

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(WHNT) - One of the biggest challenges for a foster child is growing up. The bigger he child, the smaller the chance they’ll find a forever family. Taneshia is this week’s Kids to Love.

At 17, Taneshia is on the cusp of adulthood. A high school junior who likes to dance, sing, fix hair and..

“Talk on the phone” Taneshia said.

She’s your typical teenager, and she’s in foster care.

“How long have you been in care?” Lee asks

“Since I was 7.” Tanesha answered.

“Have you had to move a lot?” Lee asked.

“mmmhmmm” Tanesha says as she nods.

“Change schools?” Lee asks.

“Yes” Tanesha answers.

“Has there been one hardest thing about it for you?” Lee asks.

“Leaving a foster home that I was in for 5 years.” Tanesha answers.

Another hard part for Taneshia was leaving a placement with her sister and brother.

“Is it important for you guys to stay together?” Lee asks.

Tanesha nods…

“Tell me what that means to you.” Lee asks.

“You see them every day probably help us out. With the situation we’ve got going on individually if we get together we could probably help each other.”

Taneshia wants to be a surgeon.

You met her sister Quinn last week and you’ll meet her brother LaDerrick next week.

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