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New Waffle House opens as city shuts down

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - As the winter weather shut most of Huntsville down, one restaurant was opening its doors for the first time.

"A little chaotic. A lot of being busy," said human resources supervisor Patty Reed.

The new Waffle House on Pratt Avenue buzzes with Five Points and downtown residents -- and the reason why is simple.

The cold weather makes their familiar yellow sign a popular go-to.

"Well its been really busy just with the opening of it but people start losing power and such, they will come in," said Reed.

"We were told to bring an overnight bag just in case the roads get bad and Waffle House Corporation is going to put us up in a hotel in case we need to," said employee Daphne Acklin.

The Pratt location opened Monday, just after the first snow sighting, but just in time for the inches of snow to make it one of the only restaurants left open in the area.

"If there's nothing else open, we`ll be open, we don`t close," said Reed. She added they were happy to be a warming center or whatever is needed.

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