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Madison Road projects halted in retaliation to anti-tax billboard

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MADISON, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Transportation Director (ALDOT) halted two major road projects because of one lawmaker’s public stance against a tax hike plan, according to ALDOT Director John Cooper.

It all stems from the billboard pictured above. Senator Bill Holtzclaw rented it to express his opposition to Governor Bentley’s tax proposal. The billboard space is located along Highway 72 in Madison.

According to Cooper, now the widening projects for Highway 72 and Jeff Road are on hold. Cooper called the billboard “a step too far” and said because of Senator Holtzclaw’s public stance, he “suspects Holtzclaw would be uncomfortable with these tax dollars being spent in his district.”

Cooper said the governor is “aware” of the move, but he acted without direction.

We have reached out to the governor’s office, Senator Holtzclaw, and several other local lawmakers for comment. We’re working aggressively to track down more information.

Governor Bentley will discuss his specific proposals in his State of the State Address on March 3.