Getting Results: Who is responsible for treating Wheeler Dam Bridge for ice?

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -  There has been some confusion after Wednesday's snowstorm as to who is responsible for treating the Wheeler Dam Bridge for ice.

A concerned viewer reached out to Whnt News 19, asking us to find out whose job it is to pre-treat the bridge, saying it had never been done before. As we all know, those icy elements can be dangerous.

Dave Deering said neither TVA nor the State Department of Transportation gave him a clear answer.

"The TVA Police told me that it was the state road department," Deering emailed in to the WHNT News 19 'Taking Action' account. "So, I called the state road department and they told me that they had never treated it."

Most main roads and bridges are pre-treated for slick spots. So we want to know why this one was not.

Mark Dale said the DOT treats Highway 101, which runs through that TVA property and turns into the Wheeler Dam Bridge.

A TVA spokesperson said, after some research, that is the case. TVA does not pre-treat the bridge. Why? We weren't given an explanation.

We did learn however that  some roads slip through the pre-winter treatment cracks.

Dale said he has no idea it was an issue to drivers, and didn't know that the bridge wasn't being treated at all. He offered to reach of the TVA to avoid the issue come the next winter weather event.

We will make sure that happens.

We did call Deering back to let him know the lack of communication exists, and has been addressed.

TVA also mentioned that they have a contract with a company to sweep the road once a month.