Big noise, big toys: country boy snow day

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Over the past 24 hours we've probably told you no less than 50 times, if you don't have to be out in this nasty slushy mess, just stay at home. But if you know anything about the folks in Hazel Green, Toney and Meridianville, they're having no trouble whatsoever getting around. Just country boys and girls getting down-- and all around -- all because of big noise and big toys.

For all you city folk, that stands for all terrain vehicle -- a mode of conveyance that can handle terra firma coated in snow, and just about anything else.
In a place with likely the highest per capita ATV ownership in the tri-county area, they know all the good spots; and they even have a strategy.

"You gotta lean with it," laughed ATV sledder Maggie Teleaga of Hazel Green.

While they are just as adept at navigating snow --that's rare. Driving ATV's all up and down these neighborhood streets? Just another Thursday.

"You sit on the front porch and you'll see two cars in an hour and 10 4-wheelers," said ATV dad Ray Cameron whose son Reese had already hit the streets Thursday morning. "Golf carts, motorcycles, dirt bikes, you name it."

And that's one thing country dwellers have over city slickers 'over in town', as they say.

"It's the country. It's the county," Cameron says proudly, "No HOA's, so they're relaxed, people enjoy life out here. It's just what it's all about."