Guntersville Fire and Rescue makes improvements for efficiency

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – In a business in which seconds can mean the difference between life and death, new efficient equipment can make a huge difference.

Guntersville Fire and Rescue has implemented many improvements throughout the last several weeks, including the addition of a new chief, new staff, internal promotions, and new equipment.

“Our new fire chief is taking a new direction for Guntersville fire, our response times are inherently going to go down, the capabilities of our response is going to go up, so we’re going to be more capable, and more efficient,” said Lieutenant Keith Dimartino.

One of the most expensive changes at the fire department, priced at half a million dollars, is a brand new heavy rescue truck.

“Every area of that truck has a specialized type of equipment for a specific incident, now this may be a high angle rope rescue, it may be a trench rescue, or a confined space where we have to get into a small area,” says Dimartino.

The new heavy rescue truck will allow firefighters and paramedics to reach people in any of the unique terrain in the area, ranging from water, to mountains, and trenches. The addition of the new equipment and staff will allow for speedier rescues, which will be safer for everyone involved.

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