Drivers who don’t obey closed road signs will face tickets by police

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HUNTSVILLE, Al. (WHNT) -- A potentially record-breaking snow storm for this time of the year will most likely force road crews to block some roads in north Alabama until they can be cleared.

Drivers who decide to go around those barricades and travel on closed, icy roads could face tickets and fines from police.

Huntsville Police officers report during last Friday's winter storm, dozens of people went around barricades on local roads and many of them ended up getting stuck and needing help. But police are not going to be as nice to drivers who disobey the posted road closures this time around.

"It is a very dangerous situation, those roads are closed for the public safety that means those roads are impassable," Huntsville Police Lt. Jeffery Rice says. "We ask people to not go around those barricades, but if people do go around you can be issued a citation, Rice added.

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