“Got it in my soul” — 76-year-old dances through single digits, ice storms and snow

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- It's probably safe to say most of us stuck in the frigid temperatures are ready for a change in the other direction, but we met up with one man who is taking the ice and snow in step just like he always does.

Those of us freezing in the U.S. right now probably don't want to build a snowman, or anything else that inherent Disney tune inquires that involves ice and snow.

It's probably safe to say the majority of us are sick of this mess.

Boston residents found a way to make it fun - maybe - by hurling themselves out of their windows into the snowbanks. In Alabama, we're just not used to the icy roads, the frozen lake shores, and scraping snow off of our cars.

In Guntersville in Marshall County on the side of an ever busy stretch of U.S. Highway 431, is a man who has claimed that spot every day this week.

He wears a hat, long pants, and a sweatshirt with another jacket over it. Headphones strap over his hat, and in his hand is a CD player. The CD of choice - music from the 1950s. "I like to listen to music from when I grew up," Foster Ayers, Jr. says with a smile.

He stands along the busy stretch through the middle of Guntersville and dances to a mix of songs that just make you smile.

The 76-year-old doesn't stray far from the space of concrete in front of the local store. "I love music. It makes me feel real good," he says.

Even the near single digit temperatures can't put a damper on it, because to him this weather -- the ice, the wind chills, the whole nine yards -- are perfectly ideal. "I function much better in the cold air. It just about kills me to get out here and dance in the heat and humidity," Ayers says.

However, even in those apparent less than ideal conditions if you ask around Guntersville everyone has passed by Mr. Ayers just about every day -- for years. "That's about the only happiness I have, my music and my dancing, that's what gives me joy and happiness."

So even though here in Alabama we're waiting for warm weather like it's the Iron Bowl Mr. Ayers is taking it in stride.


Even through sleet and ice storms. "I hope we get some snow," Ayers says with a laugh.